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Motion offers a vast selection of boots and shoes for your facility's safety requirements. Browse through hip boots, waders, knee boots, socks, toe warmers, work boots, and shoes.

Looking for top quality work boots and shoes? If so, you can find a broad selection of top-quality products for sale here at Motion. We have only the best work boots, work shoes, knee boots, and hip boots for sale from top brands like Dunlop Protective Footwear and Alliance Mercantile.

What are Work Boots & Shoes?

The category of “work boots and shoes” includes all kinds of footwear items that are specially designed for working purposes. This can include a wide range of working shoes and boots, including the likes of simple work shoes for walking around warehouse environments to hip-length work boots and waders for workers who may have to work in difficult and dangerous conditions, wading through high levels of water or even sewage. Work boots and shoes are typically designed with functionality and strength in mind.

What are Work Boots & Shoes Used for?

Like any other kind of boots or shoes, work shoes and men's boots for work are designed to protect the wearer’s feet, ankles, and potentially legs. Built to last and often designed from strong, hard-wearing materials like thick, waterproof rubber, work boots and shoes are usually well-suited for use in difficult working conditions, like factories and chemical plants. They also often have high levels of grip and traction on the base to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

The Best Work Boots & Shoes

If you don’t want to be disappointed when wearing work boots for men or women’s working shoes, it’s crucial to invest in the finest items for your workforce. That’s why Motion only sells premium work boots at fair prices.

Buy Work Boots & Shoes Online

Motion is your best choice for top quality working boots, hip boots, work shoes, and other working footwear. Check out our full range of products and place your order today.

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DuPont Specialty Products USA Inc PE440SWHXL02000
DuPont Specialty Products USA Inc PE440SWHXL02000
MI ITEM 05995338
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